interactive art director
san francisco

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To get people into the fun of NASCAR we created: a slotcar racing game, the 1979 Daytona 500, a tailgater's
cookbook, a portal for NASCAR tweets and news, sound clips from the season, and Ask Miss Sprint Cup.

The 1979 Daytona 500...the classic, digitally remastered.

NASCAR slotcar racing...race alone or against other players online. app & mobile site
Content like the Tailgater's Cookbook, current points and standings, Ask Miss Sprint Cup,
as well as all the Sprint's NASCAR-themed phone accessories was the perfect fit for mobile. Ask Miss Sprint Cup
You ask the questions, she gets the answers from around the track.
Over 30 clips were produced during the NASCAR season for the site.
iShare's "Conversation" tablet app
Refreshed bi-weekly, we had iShare's experts address current issues in the financial markets
via the app. We also scraped feeds about the issue from WSJ, Bloomberg and Google News all
the while encouraging user's to interact with the content via Facebook Connect.
MINI Star Guide app
Buy a MINI Covertible and get this exclusive app that helps you enjoy the uniqueness of the model.
MINI Math banner ad
MINI has a great mpg. But, more than that, it saves their drivers a lot of money. Click here to play
The Fruitguys website
Freelance design I did. The client loved the design, but the agency lost the account soon after it was presented.
Activision World Series of Poker website
Everyone hated the main character of the World Series of Poker video game,
Phil 'The Brat' Helmuth. So we decided to let people beat Phil in as many ways as possible.
Kashi word-of-mouth promo website
Kashi had a lot of antioxidants no one knew about. Kind of like the superwoman of cereal.
Lipton / Sex and the City 2 website
The mixing of two very oppsite brand looks, Lipton and Sex and the City 2.
Greater Gotham MINI website
Greater Gotham MINI co-op came to Butler, Shine, Stern not wanting the standard
templated dealership website. They wanted a site that would represent both MINI and NYC.
Krusteaz website
The idea: baking isn't hard, it's something everyone can do and participate in.
The interactive portion of the new business pitch.